But thy eternal summer shall not fade..

Intro to ME

Name: Runtao He/何润涛
Commom Id: L0tus
Captain of Vidar-Team | Vice President of HDU-Information-Security-Association | HDU Zhuoyue Honors College grade 2022 major: Intelligent Security ( AKA Cyber Security)


简体中文 | English | hope to learn Spainish and French

Programming Languages

C, C++, python, Assembly, Visual Basic, Java


MIT 6.S081 labs: Operating System Engineering 2021 FALL

CVE Credit


CTF Honors

Visible here:https://vidar.club/glory | annually renew


Runtao He is a undergraduate student in HDU. He is a cyber/information security learner, trainee at G.o.S.S.I.P, as well as a CTF player focused on PWN at Vidar-Team and El3ctron1c (composed by Vidar-team at Hangzhou Dianzi University, L-team at Xidian University, CNSS at UESTC, and Lingwu Technology). He’s concentrated on binary security learning: Program Analysis, Iot Security, Linux Kernel Security, etc.
He is also fascinated by art. Once he was a guitar player but abandoned several years now. He now likes reading poems, approximately all kinds ranging from Chinese ancient poems to western poems. Recently he’s reading “Haizi’s poems”, “The collection of songs among the flowers”, “Selected poems of Alfred Tennyson”.

How to reach me